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Effective Management


Effective management is based on a set of skills and mindsets.  Through modeling what successful managers do and how they think, it is possible to identify those skills and mindsets.  They can then be taught and acquired, whether you consider yourself a natural-born leader, or whether youíve never considered yourself the leadership type.


This workshop uses a hands-on approach, giving you direct experience in using your new skills and mindsets, in the same kinds of situations you will use them on the job.  Where possible, exercises will simulate specific issues you are confronting in your career.  After each exercise, feedback sessions will provide you with the specific information, both on what worked and what didnít work, that you need to learn quickly and thoroughly.


The course will cover managing your staff, as well as managing the demands put on your group or company.  Specifically, you will learn how to:


  • Set clear goals and expectations for yourself, your group and your staff;

  • Motivate your staff by managing them based on their individual styles;

  • Give staff constructive feedback;

  • Deal with problem staff;

  • Manage upwards to ensure a productive relationship with your management;

  • Create and use effective organizational processes;

  • Run meetings that are productive and action-oriented;

  • Put in place metrics to ensure you are getting the results you want.


This course teaches the skills used by effective managers within large companies, as well as entrepreneurs who manage their own businesses.  Additionally, it is appropriate for those looking to make a career move into a management position.




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